trenbolone hex

Place trenbolone hex dispersible tablets in a plastic cup, which is approximately 25 mL of water. Max which one can prepare a dispersion having a volume of 25 ml of water is 1.5 mg. Leave the cup for about 2 minutes to form a dispersion; before use  the contents of the cup to allow the tablets to dissolve. Immediately rinse the cup, add 25 ml of water, and drink the contents completely.

Administration via naso-gastric tube
Place dispersible tablet in a small medical plastic beaker containing 10 ml of water. Wait 90 seconds, slightly rotate the glass. Dial the dispersion into a syringe and slowly (within 40 seconds), enter through a naso-gastric tube. Rinse the beaker (and syringe) 3 times, gaining 5 ml of water, and enter through the probe. Thereafter, the probe 10 ml rinse water. After the introduction of Sertikana naso-gastric tube should hold at least 30 minutes.
If the cyclosporine in the form of a microemulsion is also administered through a naso-gastric tube, it should be performed prior to the introduction Sertikana. Do not mix these two drugs.

The data on the frequency of adverse reactions have been received in the course of the three clinical trials (pooled data from 1199 patients). The three randomized, double-blind, controlled, multicenter clinical trials (2 study in patients with kidney transplantation de novo and one study in patients with heart transplantation de novo), which Sertikan applied at a dose or 1.5 mg or 3.0 mg / day for at least 12 months in combination with cyclosporin in microemulsion form and glucocorticosteroids.

Also, the frequency of adverse reactions trenbolone hex of the data obtained in two open-label studies, which investigated the efficacy and safety  at a dose of 1.5 mg / day and 3 mg / day in combination with cyclosporine in reduced dose in patients with kidney transplant de novo.

The following are adverse reactions possibly or probably have a connection that have been reported in clinical phase III studies (kidney transplantation or heart).

Infectious diseases: often – viral, bacterial and fungal infections, sepsis; sometimes – wound infection.

From the hematopoietic system and lymphatic system: very often – leukopenia 1 ; often – thrombocytopenia 1 , anemia 1 , coagulopathy, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura / hemolytic uremic syndrome; sometimes – hemolysis.

From endocrine system: sometimes – hypogonadism in men (a decrease in testosterone levels, increased LH).

Disorders of metabolism: often – hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia; often – hypertriglyceridemia.

From the circulatory system: often high blood pressure, lymphocele 2 , venous thrombosis.

The respiratory system: often – pneumonia; sometimes – interstitial lung disease; sometimes – pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.

From the digestive system: often – abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, pancreatitis, vomiting.

On the part of the hepatobiliary system: sometimes – hepatitis, abnormal liver function, jaundice, increased ALT, ACT, GGT.

With the skin side and subcutaneous tissue: often – angioedema 3 , acne, complications of the surgical wound; sometimes – a rash.

From the musculoskeletal system: sometimes – myalgia.

On the part of the kidney and urinary tract: often – urinary tract infection; sometimes – renal tubular necrosis, pyelonephritis.

Other: often – swelling, pain.

1 – was established and dose-dependent effect, this phenomenon was observed significantly more frequently in patients receiving the drug at a dose of 3 mg / day
2 – When kidney transplantation
3 – predominantly in patients taking both angiotensin -prevraschayuschego enzyme (ACE)

In controlled clinical trials in which patients were followed for at least one year, lymphoma or lymphoproliferative disease developed in 1.4% of patients receiving trenbolone hex (1.5 mg or 3.0 mg / day) in combination with other immunosuppressants. Malignant neoplasms of the skin have been reported in 1.3% of patients, other types of malignancy – in 1.2% of patients.

The occurrence of these adverse events may depend on the degree and duration of immunosuppression. In the basic research in an increased concentration of serum creatinine was observed more frequently in patients receiving Sertikan in combination with a full dose of cyclosporine in microemulsion form than in the control group. The overall incidence of adverse events was lower in the appointment of a reduced dose of cyclosporine microemulsion in the form.

Sertikana safety profile in studies when using the drug together with a reduced dose of cyclosporine was the same as in the basic 3 studies where the unit dose administered cyclosporin. However, when used together with a reduced Sertikana dose cyclosporine less marked increase in creatinine concentration in blood plasma was observed, and a lower mean and median plasma creatinine concentration than in other phase III studies.

When using m-TOR -ingibitorov including Sertikan rarely mentioned failure of the lung parenchyma, such as inflammation of the lung parenchyma (pneumonitis) and / or pulmonary fibrosis noninfectious etiology, in rare cases, fatal. In most cases after discontinuation Sertikanom and / or destination of glucocorticosteroids noted the disappearance of unwanted reactions database.

Experimental studies have shown that everolimus trenbolone hex trenbolone hex has low acute toxicity potential. After a single dose of 2000 mg / kg orally was observed deaths or severe toxicity in mice and rats (control over a range of values).

Reported cases of overdose in humans is very limited. There is only the fact of accidental ingestion of 1.5 mg everolimus in a child 2 years of age, while adverse events were observed. At single oral doses up to 25 mg in transplant patients noted an acceptable tolerability. In all cases of overdose should be set in general support. events. how much to inject for weight loss

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